Commander selvam siddhar

Sri AtharvaSoolini Durga at Hindu Temple of Georgia

Sri Soolini Durga is the wife of Sri.Sarabeswara. She is another form of Goddess Parasakthi. There are three shapes for each and every deity. They are Santham, Ugram and Maha ugram. It means calm, fearsome and the most fearsome. SriMeenakshi, Sri Kamakshi are the examples for calm poses of Goddess Parasakthi. Sri.Durga is the example for Ugram and Sri Soolini Durga and Prathyangira Devi are the examples for the most fearsome poses. When we need the motherly affection we have to pray the Santha shapes. To get rid of moderate troubles we have to pray ugra shapes as Sri.Durga. To solve the sever problems we face in our day to day life we have to pray the Maha ugram poses. Atharva Veda is the only Veda, which deals with the healing part. It explains in detail about the different methods of prayers and rituals to get rid of our problems. Sri.Soolini Durga plays a vital role in solving the problems faced by each and every body. Sri.Soolini Durga Hrudayam, a part of Atharva Veda and an old palm script compiled by a great monk, “Prapancha sara sara Sangraham” tells in detail about Sri.Soolini Durga. According to those wonderful writings, we will see about Sri.Soolini Durga.

Lord Mahavishnu took the most fearsome pose Narasimha and came out of the pillar, caught the demon took him to the entrance and killed him. Narasimma’s anger was very severe. Nobody could control his anger. So. All prayed Lord Shiva to control the anger of Narasimma. Lord Shiva also took a fearsome pose called Sarabeswara. He had two feathers. He controlled the anger of Narasimma and made him cool. Lord Sarabeswara had two wings. One wing is Sri PrathyangiraDevi and another wing is Sri.Soolini Durga. Prathyangira Devi and Soolini Durga are the most fearsome poses of Goddess Parasakthi.Prathyangira Devi is called as Atharvana Badrakali and Sri.Soolini Durga is called as Atharvan Rudrakali.She is the mother of all.

What do we get from Sri.Soolini Durga? She is the rescuer from enemies. She secures all the wealth and assets. She helps us to come across all enemies. She cures the mind and physic. She blesses us with good children. She gives a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Whenever we call her she comes instantly to support us. It is very hard to go near her. If we go near her it is sure that we will come out of all our troubles. The ways and methods of rituals to get rid of various problems. To have good kids, those who need the kids should eat the rice offered to her everyday for a period of at least 48 days. It is very sure that they will get good kids. To get rid of the mind related troubles “Panakam” (sweet water prepared with sugar candy and dried ginger) is to be offered to her and the offered sweet water is to be drunk by the person having mental troubles. To get rid of the enemies we have to light the lamp with mustard oil. To get rid of the evil spirits we have to offer her butter. She likes the offerings much and blesses her devotees with their ambitions fulfilled.

The method of Prayers

Daily the minimum Abishegam(holy bathe) to be performed with water and milk. By having this holy bath she becomes cool and blesses the devotees with cool walk of life. When one is affected by fearsome diseases like small pox and chicken pox we have to bathe the deity with water and tender coconut water. The patient should intake a small quantity of water and tender coconut water poured on the image. Within a span of twelve days the patient will be cured.. She cures the different kinds of fever. Fever means not only the hike of temperature in the physical body. It refers to the heat in the mind and poverty. She easily removes these kinds of things. We have another trouble. It is called a Dhrushti or bad eyes or najar. This is the worst one. By praying Sri.Soolini Durga on Tuesdays and Fridays with the offering of lemon, we can easily come across the thing. We face a lot of problems caused by the nine planets. The invisible planets crate a lot of things in this visible world. She cures the ailments caused by the nine planets. She is called as “Aavesa Graha samharyai Namaha”.She cures all kind of physical and mind related problems. She is called as “Vyaadhi Naasini”. The word “Vyadhi” means problems caused by the unseen forces. By praying her she removes all kinds of problems. She is called as the best blessing deity.

The Most Important and Easiest way to get the blessings of Sri.Soolini Durga.

Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are the important days to pray Sri.Soolini Durga. All can come to the Temple and light lamps with wick and mustard oil, which is the best minimum prayer for Sri.Soolini Durga. That too particularly Raaghu kalam on these three days approximately 3.00pm to 4.30 pm, 10.30am to 12.00noon and 04.30 to 06.00pm are the best timings to light the lamp with mustard oil lamp. The Hindu Temple of Georgia is the only Hindu Temple in the entire USA to have Sri.Soolini Durga as one of the presiding deities